Our Story

We are The GiGabit Internet Service Provider with offices and proprietary networks in New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Orlando. Our proven track record of seamless connectivity solutions includes everything from small conferences and meetings to major popups and concert live-streams.

GiGstreem was conceived several years ago as a modern communications platform designed specifically for maximizing the efficiency of Internet services: we reimagined the internet, from the ground-up. Operating as Rainbow Broadband for the past 12 years in NYC, we have distinguished ourselves and our network as best-in-class. We have changed our name and broadened our horizons to 3 additional markets to continue our excellence in managing a secure and extremely high-speed connection. We are also directly peered with most major global content providers including Apple, Google, Netflix, Yahoo!, Youtube, Facebook, Digital Ocean, De-Cix and many more. Our efficiency managing this direct connection makes a crucial day-to-day difference for organizations producing time-sensitive data in large quantities.

Across our markets we use a redundant combination of Fixed Wireless Technology and Fiber-Optics. We have built a network of over 300 "LIT" buildings that can be used to power and support the bandwidth requirements of events in most locations.  In addition to our dependable internet connections for events, GiGstreem can provide custom Wi-Fi networks, separate VLANS, on-site tech support and dedicated hardlines for live streaming. Basically…if we can see it, we can provide service to it!

Some stellar examples of events we have powered and supported in the past include:

·      Global Citizen (Great Lawn, Central Park)

·      Google Billboard (Times Square) 

·      Women In The World Summit (Lincoln Center)

·      Blackberry Key2 Launch Event (Metropolitan Pavilion)

·      Game of Thrones: Season 6 - Behind the Scenes (Astor Place, East Village)

·      Serena Williams Style 360 Fashion Show and Line Launch (HSN, Metropolitan West)

·      FreeFORM Upfronts 2017(Hudson Mercantile)

·      Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Bryant Park)

·      Prabal Garung NYFW 2017 (Moynihan Station)

·      Mark Jacobs NYFW 2017 (The Armory)